Two Chimneys Gethia, Nainital

About the hotel

The old house has been restored over 10 years. Saplings were planted that became trees. Seemingly dead wood sprouted as life was puffed into the house again, nature's whimsical ways surround the house, and continually delight. The big prize is spotting the panther, as he passes by the house on most nights, moving between the two valleys. Gethia is a heaven for birdwatchers .

Accommodation details


It was originally where the goats were tied - an adjunct to the main house to keep them safe from the panther. The name's the same, but the space has been transformed into a warm glowing suite, allowing in pouring sun, looking on to greenery everywhere.


This room gets its name from an olive tree brought as a sapling from Italy. A cozy double room with a pristine white bathroom, and mother of pearl lights, and the shimmer and splash of water outside.


A luxurious suite, with a private lawn and a bright sun-room, a happy family place. Lie on the bed and watch the sun set or the twinkling lights of the Jeolikote valley. Bathe in the old stone-walled bathroom or walk down the private steps to the path leading to Land's End. Perhaps the best sited suite in the lodge.


Originally planned as a study, this quaint room has an old cottage charm, with a fireplace and a private sit-out that has a scintillating view of the valley. A lovely all-stone bathroom with a fig tree in it and glass walls gives the feeling of being out in the open. Just the room for the happy couple


A capacious suite with a bedroom, a sitting room, a sprawling bathroom overlooking the Bhumiadar valley, and a gorgeous sun-kissed loft large enough for half a dozen children or adults. Outside the windows of the sitting room stands the 200-year-old deodar. For a family, of five or ten (as per Lodge terms).


Running a span from the heart of the house to its outer edge. Its bedroom overlooks the Olive Court and The Deck while the sitting room provides a grandstand view of the Bhumiadar valley. A small, cosy sleeping loft, accommodates two children, while a private balcony offers sun and breeze. Perfect for a family of two or four.


Gethia is a heaven for birdwatchers. The surroundings at Two Chimneys are so peaceful and serene that Hotel is home to several rare species of birds. Avid birdwatchers can spend their time interacting with nature right from the lodge itself.

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