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Hidden behind an old rustic wooden gate and enveloped by local residences all around, the exoticism of Ranjit's SVAASÁ silently echoes within the old trees that overshadow its innate brick-redness. Run by the Mehra family themselves, Ranjit's SVAASÁ is a destination spa haveli, with a history dating back to over 200 years. Its possibly one of the oldest surviving haveli in Amritsar with photographs hanging in the Time Corridor as far back as seven generations.

Ranjit's SVAASÁ isthe nurtured dream of Rama Ranjit Mehra, wife of Late Mr.Ranjit R. Mehra. With her three sons she turned the dilapidated ancestral mansion into a Boutique Spa Haveli that has today humbly earned a reputation as one of the top 10 spas of India.Started as a small token to keep the breath of her husband alive, and fulfil her karma of creating a place that continues to offer the hospitality of her late father-in-law, Ranjit's SVAASÁ is her wellness haven.

Accommodation details

Rai Bahadur Luxury is one of the base category rooms. Opening out to terraces or the courtyard they constitute eight boutique rooms. They are spread over the ground floor and first floor.This category houses, apart from the comforts of a well-furnished designer boutique room, the signature SVAASÁ Tea Tray with an Electric Kettle, an electronic safe for your personal belongings, a hair dryer and pure herbs bath & shower amenities along with the eco-friendly SVAASÁ jute slippers.

A potpourri of six SVAASÁ suites span across the courtyard. Four occupy the rooftop with an all-white Fitness Atrium amongst them, a palatial terrace with outdoor lounges and huge pots, while two settle on the first floor amidst the Ratnavali Suites.

Three Ratnavali Suites illuminate the back courtyard. Amravati, known for her captivating beauty, sits comfortably on the ground floor facing the courtyard. Above her, on the first floor, are her two sons Dev Chand and Mohan Chand.

Designed by the otherwise similar twins, each of the three Suites recite a different story. There's so much more to them beyond words. Being the haveli's signature suites, early confirmations are much appreciated.

Own the supreme most suites that have hosted celebrities alike in one of Amritsar's oldest but most posh haveli! Begetting for family or friends who sincerely want their own privacy and exclusivity, choose from the Rattan Chand Presidential Suite or the Kesar Devi Presidential Suite.

An option within the Presidential Suite is the Junior Presidential As grand as the Presidential but slightly more cosy and just about right for your comfort, this houses the Grand Master bedroom with its Day Room by itself.



Meet and dine with a local punjabi family of Amritsar. Be welcomed into their home and cherish good conversation over a home cooked meal. A real, candid, simple experience over lunch of dinner.


Enjoy a memorable ride sitting on your own private horse cart (tanga) ) to visit the evening procession of the Holy Book at the Golden Temple. An escort accompanies you on your journey to the Golden Temple, lit beautifully with the sounds of devotees chanting and trumpets blowing, and brings you back on your tanga post the breathtakingceremony.

SaraiAmanat Khan &Wagah Border

Juxtaposing two historic landmarks, this excursion brings you to explore the silence and architecture of the SaraiAmanat Khan vis a vis the melodrama and patriotism at the Wagha Border. A must do for those who fancy history and drama.

Post a breathtaking stop at the historic sarai, this tour brings you to the Wagha Border. A candid Indian broadway musical with 'real life' characters welcomed from the audience best describes the pomp and drama at the Indo-Pak Border. Contemplatingly patriotic, the crowd and noise is a dire contrast to the imaginary life one pictures at SaraiAmanat Khan.


Over 600 cows are looked after in this Gaushala (gau means cow and shala means shelter) by the walled city of Amritsar. Also, a part of the Rai Bahadur Rattan Chand Trust, it supplies cow's milk to a number of homes including Ranjit's SVAASÁ. Let us know if you wish to experience going to the shelter and feed the cows hay for a small amount taken as a token charge. It's a very simple yet captivating experience.

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