Philipkutty's Farm

About the hotel

An opportunity to enjoy the real Kerulen experience in a fascinating location, with a caring family to look after you. It could just be the perfect hideaway for the bespoke traveller. You are welcomed, looked after, and cared for by the family (wife Anu, mother Aniamma, son Philip and myself - Vinod). Though the family hosts you, your privacy is assured as the waterfront villas are entirely independent and away from the family residence. All this is set on a beautiful small farm island which was actually reclaimed from the backwaters (Vembanad Lake) in the early 1950's by my grandfather. The working farm, which practices sustainable / organic methods of farming, is two metres below the lake level and has coconut, toddy, nutmeg, banana, cocoa and pepper cultivation not to forget the jumbo prawn (scampi) and karimeen (pearl spot) found in some of the farm canals. Though accessible by road (up to the opposite bank), it is the 'vallam' (country boat) that will finally take you across.

Accommodation details

All the villas are spacious, independent and located on the outer dyke facing the peaceful backwaters. The villas are named after popular local flower plants / trees and birds. The first villa designed by Swiss architect Karl Damscen is an open plan affair. The other villas designed by Thomas Dominic from Kochi, have a separate living room, bedroom and 'sit-out'.

The first villa designed by Karl Damscen, a Swiss architect, is a traditionally styled, antique filled, open plan affair, with sufficient space for a couple and an extra bed if need be. The other villas designed by Thomas Dominic, are the same in style and deco, but with separate bedroom, living room and 'sit-out' facing the peaceful waterfront. The villas are filled with antiques, including some beautifully carved and crafted doors and windows, which were meticulously collected over a period of time. There is no air-conditioning, no telephone and no TV in any of the villas. TV and telephones are available at our residence, should the need arise."


Enjoy a sunset cruise every evening on a vallam (country boat) out in the open backwaters. The sights, breeze, sounds and smell of the late evenings are indeed very soothing. If you are lucky you can also catch the moonrise. Take a canal cruise through the narrow and winding canals on a vallam or motor boat and catch a glimpse of the unique backwater villages. For bird watchers the backwaters and the farm offer ample opportunities for sighting kingfishers, woodpeckers, egrets, cormorants, herons, crow pheasants, snakebirds, teals, etc.

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