Maison Perumal, Pondicherry

The Concept

A half-century ago, to be an honoured guest in a gracious Tamil home was something you'd never forget. In those traditional times, a guest was seen as a member of the household, and treated as such. It is this special experience that has been recreated at MaisonPerumal. Explore a simpler, more relaxed way of life that echoes the traditions of noble Tamil Nadu - with a French accent providing the finishing touches to your experience.

MaisonPerumal is a tasteful blend of old-world Tamil and French architectural styles. Verandahs and sit out areas speak of the Tamil heritage while the arched windows and stylized colonnades reflect their French colonial ancestry. The materials are typically local, with cool Cuduppah stone underfoot and teak furniture lending its special richness. The only sign of modernity is the air-conditioner humming unobtrusively in the background.

French architectural influences are marked by the tall arched windows and door along with high ceilings. The French houses were generally built with street frontage. The window shades were generally made of wood or light metals.

Accommodation details

The 10 rooms all in various sizes, with interiors made fromlocal materials for accents, such as cool cotton sheets and curtains, the colourful natural dyes the region is famed for Original bedsteads and scattered antiques add to the sense of being transported into an older, more gracious time.

Six rooms are on the first floor and 4 are on the second; there are 2 twin rooms and 8 doubles.


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