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KalariKovilakom is the Palace for Ayurveda, perhaps the first and only one of its kind. Its face is the face of the warrior-king, elegant and expansive. But its heart is that of a sage, offering a deep healing, a doorway to the union of the mind, body and spirit.

It has been restored and recreated into a unique experience in wellness. Combining the healing experience of India's ancient medicinal system, Ayurveda, with the grace and scale of palace living.

The intent and purpose of KalariKovilakom is to give you a chance to start your life all over again. Ayurveda, if correctly followed, promises not only a new body and mind, but a deep connection with the spirit.

At Kalari, every therapy is personal. The treatments are customised for you by our doctors, often combined with yoga and other methods to provide deep healing from within and without. Every treatment is based on your needs and your ayurvedic body type. Even the food you're served is individual, with health drinks and herbal preparations that vary with your treatment.

The result is nothing less than a return to the womb. There are no game rooms, no shopping expeditions, no television sets. The evenings are alive with chanting and hymns, unsullied by the sounds of the city. In fact, apart from these post-dinner gatherings where guests and staff alike participate, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to disturb your new-found inner silence

You are in a space like no other on earth that we know of. An atmosphere that makes you conscious only of the potentials within, being slowly unlocked as your therapies progress

Accommodation details

The original dwellings of the lords and ladies of Vengunad are still yours to delight in, unchanged from times past.

The air-conditioning, the luxury bath fittings and the four - poster beds will certainly lull you, but they shouldn't mislead you. For Kalari offers unvarnished ayurveda, administered in its purest form, in accordance with millennia-old texts and traditions.

"18 palatial suites that offer the experience of authentic palace living.

The Palace Wing, which has traditional Kerala architecture reminiscent of the 'zenana'.


Yoga is the ancient Indian mind-body-spirit discipline, said to have originated in the 'sutras' (philosophical verses) of sage Patanjali, millennia ago. The word is from the old Sanskrit, and means 'union'. While there are many different forms of Yoga, the purpose of all of them is the same - to achieve oneness with the cosmos. For the serious Yogi, the ultimate aim is to attain 'moksha', or liberation from the karmic cycle of birth and death

The form of yoga that's most widely known in the West is 'Hatha Yoga', a system of 'Asanas' (postures) meant to perfect and discipline the body, and its accompanying breath exercises, called 'Pranayama'.

Kalari Kovilakomuse the Bihar school of Hatha Yoga, a gentle, yet powerful form that combines particularly well with other therapies. Afternoons in the Yoga Centre are reserved for 'Yoga Nidra', a special meditative technique that brings about deep relaxation in the individual. Like everything else here, yoga therapies too are personal and focused. You'll be guided through a routine that's designed for your age, ailments, body type and general condition.

Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest martial arts traditions in the world. In fact, many historians believe that it was the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma( Daruma to the Japanese), founder of Zen, who first took it to the Far East. Over the centuries, the form was expanded and developed, finally becoming the basis for Kung Fu and other martial arts. 'Kalari' means school or arena, and 'payat' is skill training, exercise or practice. Kalari aims to create the most proficient warrior. and so fits out the body and the mind with an elaborate repertoire of movements and exercises: There are four basic types of Kalari training, viz. body control exercises, training with wooden staffs, the use of weapons such as swords and shields, and unarmed combat.

There is also training in the use of a unique Kerala weapon, the lethal flexible sword, called the 'Urumi' that can be concealed as a waist belt. Another special feature of Kalari is training in 'Marma', the art of knowing and activating the 107 energy points in the body. Theses are vital points for correcting the body's energy flows and replenishing its resources. Kalari therefore aims to make the practitioner not just a warrior but a self-healer, and one who can also help others with his healing powers.

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