Neeleshwar Hermitage, Malabar

About the hotel

The whole site is oriented to the east and the rising sun, while its component buildings are all placed in correct relation to each other, the four directions and the site as a whole.

The site overlooks a gloriously unspoiled beach of sand, stretching as far as the eye can see in both directions and giving onto a sea that is clean and safe for swimming for most of the year.

Our hermitage celebrates traditional architecture combined with familiar modern comforts the hermitage staff offer Kerala hospitality with unparalleled attention to detail.

Accommodation details

-"With just 18 Cottages, we capitalise on our boutique size with all guests addressed by name and other bespoke touches extending throughout a stay that is nourished by the quiet attention that is inherent in Kerala culture.

From the signature coconut drink that greets your arrival to the smiling faces genuinely sorry to see you leave, everything here is carefully and subtly designed around your personal needs. Our staff is attentive, yet always discrete and sensitive.


Due to Malabar's historical openness to the wider world, the cuisine in this part of India is very varied. One of our specialities at the Hermitage are local Malabar dishes usually not seen in international hotels, along with mouthwateringly fresh fish bought daily from our local fishermen. We offer regular Cookery Classes for our guests under the tutelage of our resident chefs. So you can not only enjoy our food while you are here but take a nourishing skill back home with you.

Bekal Fort

Over three and a half centuries old, Bekal Fort looms large against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea. Soaring observation towers, once cannon emplacements, splendours of the sea that spread to the north, south and west and the rich naturescapes to the east, a water reservoir with a long flight of steps and a magazine for storing ammunition add to the mystery of the place.

Walking in the Western Ghats

The rolling hills of the Western Ghats - stretching some 1,600 km from north of Mumbai to the southern tip of India - are a treasure-trove of biodiversity that contains a large proportion of the country's plant and animal species, many of which are only found here and nowhere else in the world.

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