The Gorumara National Park is located in the Dooars plains of North Bengal. The Dooars or Duars are flood plains and the foothills of the eastern Himalayas that stretch across West Bengal and Assam, two states in East and North-East India, around Bhutan. Duar means door in both the Assamese and Bengali languages and they form the gateway to Bhutan. Situated at an altitude of 90 metre to 1750 metre, the haunting beauty of the region, with its mountain streams, tea gardens and forests, is an experience of a lifetime.

The Gorumara National Park, comprising 80 km of diverse forests, is famous for its natural population of the Great Indian one-horned Rhinoceros. Earlier a wildlife sanctuary, it was converted into a National Park in the year 1992 to protect its rare flora and fauna.

Lying on the banks of the river Murti, the park has vegetation of riverine grasslands interspersed with savannah woodland. The most common and valuable trees found here are Teak, Simul, Siris, Khair, Sal etc. The park offers some breathtaking landscape with its rivers and mountain ranges.

Besides the one horned rhinoceros, other major fauna of the park includes Indian Elephant, Indian Bison, leopard, and different species of deer, turtles, pythons, and monkeys along with more than 200 species of birds. The forest department has recently built several watchtowers inside and along the edges of the forests that offer a unique opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat.

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