The Concept

The name of the resort comes from 'kavu', the sacred grove, that was traditionally a part of large homesteads in Kerala. These areas of protected jungle were for meditation; left undisturbed they became the abode for various species of animals and birds. Think of KAAV as your own little piece of jungle, as comfortable or as wild as you want to make it.

The Kabini river winds its way from the Wayanad district in Kerala to join the Kaveri in Karnataka. Along the way it feeds the Kabini reservoir, the shores of which form one of the best, most accessible places in the country to sight wildlife. In the summer, animals are drawn to the water as well as the lush meadows on the fringes of the reservoir.

About the Accommodation

Imagine hot baths, comfortable beds and great service within earshot of animal alarm calls from the jungle. KAAV Safari Lodge, set on the edge of the incredible Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, offers luxurious homestyle accommodation.

The resort uses renewable energy sources wherever possible, and recharges groundwater. Reverse osmosis system provides potable water at low energy expenditure, and discourage the use of plastics.

All the food waste is biologically digested in a bio gas plant and the methane gas produced is used for cooking.

Facilities include:

Four well appointed rooms with private decks Common Lounge Viewing Deck Alfresco Dining Swimming Pool Barbecue on request

Wildlife activity

"Nagarhole forms part of the Nilgiri Biosphere whose diversity in vegetation make it one of the best elephant reserves in the country. It is home to the largest congregation of asiatic elephants in the world.In the summer months you can see herds in the hundreds at the reservoir quenching their thirst.

There are also a high density of tigers and leopards in the park due to the healthy prey base and excellent habitat. The other important carnivores found here are the wild dog(dhole), sloth bear and hyena. The herbivores are spotted deer, gaur, sambar, barking deer, four-horned antelope, wild boar and elephant. Other mammals include common langur, bonnet macaque, jungle cat, slender loris, leopard-cat, civet cat, mongoose, common otter and pangolin.

Birders can take a guided nature walk along the edge of the park or a jeep safari in the forest to observe many of the endemic species such as the Malabar Pied Hornbill, Nilgiri Flycatcher and the Malabar Parakeet while water birds and waders are best seen on a boat safari.

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