The Concept

Jarar has been the main seat of the family since 1472. The MelaKothi and its stables were built in the late 1890s by Rai Saheb. Nestling in the midst of over 120 acres of woodland and pasture and surrounded by farmland, in 1915 the MelaKothi was found to be ideally located to serve as a camp office for the family's bi-annual cattle fair (Mela).

In 1999 Rai SahebSuraj Pal Singh's great grandson, birding enthusiast and conservationist Ram Pratap Singh, gave the MelaKothi a new lease of life when he and his wife Anu decided to turn their inheritance into an eco-lodge. After decades of neglect, the MelaKothi was meticulously restored and rechristened the Chambal Safari Lodge. Set within 35 sprawling acres of the original heritage plantation surrounded by the family's farmland, the Lodge is an oasis of peace, tranquillity and gracious hospitality.

About the Accommodation

The accommodation combines the warmth of local homes with the comfort of modern amenities. Every effort has been made to make this lodge as eco-friendly and sympathetic to its surroundings as possible.

The restored Melakothi has two large well-appointed bedrooms with front and rear verandahs and access to the library across the pebbled courtyard.

The ImliKothi, the new guest wing of the MelaKothi, has two very spacious and luxurious suites with private enclosed gardens and verandahs.

The property is further split across separate cottage blocks within the woodland surrounding the main house. Each of the eight independent cottages has a sit-out/ verandah opening onto the farms or the woodland.

Wildlife activity

"The sprawling grounds of the Chambal Safari Lodge are home to numerous birds and small mammals. Evening Nature Walks around the Lodge, with our resident Naturalist, are the best time to go looking for Palm Civet Cats, Jungle Cats, Foxes, Jungle Hares, Fruit Bats, Hedgehogs and the Indian Striped Hyenas. With a checklist of over 180 birds, birding in the Lodge grounds starts with the 'wake-up call' of the Barbets & Babblers, and continues through the day with the birdsong of the hornbills, koels and treepies and well into the evening with the foraging fruits bats and hooting owls.

Village Walks & Nature Walks:

Short walks from the Chambal Safari Lodge are an opportunity to explore an entirely different world. Jarar, our ancestral village, is an interesting mix of the old and the new. You will find all manner of craftsmen practicing their trade as they have done for centuries, as well as shops selling the very latest, albeit pirated, Movie DVDs. The locals are friendly and completely untouched by tourism, and take great pride in showing you around.

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