The Tarnetar Fair is one such festival held at the Tarnetar village, situated in the 'Panchal' region of Gujarat located at 90 km from Rajkot airport. The Tarnetar fair is an annual festival denoting colour, vivacity, ebullience, prayers and rituals. The Tarnetar Fair is initiated with the hoisting of a huge Flag on the dome of the Trinetreshwar Temple. The flag is carried in a procession headed by the Mahant from the office of Tourism of Gujarat to the Trineteshwar Temple. It is then unfurled to symbolize the commencement of the colourful festival.

The entire expense of the procession is borne by Paliyad’s Mahant who distributes prizes to the best decorated cart and cart owners.

Ethically dressed folks from the nearby villages participate in this procession. Traditionally decorated Bullock carts and Horse carts are the major attraction of this traditional and exuberant procession.

Traditionally dressed unmarried men and women adorn themselves with ethnic ornaments and flock at the fair to find a match for them.

Unmarried Men stand under exquisitely embroidered 'Chatris' signifying their marital status while young Women go around the chatris hunting for their grooms. Marriages are finalized after the fair. The bachelors are usually identified by their large colourful embroidered umbrellas and their distinctive hairstyles.

The variety of folk dances and songs lend vivid splashes of colour and music to the atmosphere that is already charged with excitement and flavoured with a meaningful identity.

The annual fair commences every year during the Bhadarva Sud - 4th, 5th and 6th (Aug.-Sept). The tradition of this religious festival is believed to have begun before 200-250 years.

The accumulation of Sadhus Local tribes and sale of extraordinary handicrafts make it an interesting place to visit and witness the festivities involved. In spite of the numerous changes in the traditions followed at the fair over the years, the spirit of devotion and dedication yet remains unchanged.

The Tarnetar Fair is known for its various dance and sports competition competitions. The competitions include the Horse cart race, Bullock Cart race and Camel race apart from Cultural competitions like Rass Competition, Doha (poem recitation) competition and a lot more.

Festival Dates 19th to 21st September 2012 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)



Day 01 Mumbai
Day 02 Mumbai / Rajkot / Tarnetar by plane & drive
Day 03 In Tarnetar to witness Tarnetar Fair
Day 04 Tarnetar
Day 05 Tarnetar / Mandvi drive
Day 06 Mandvi
Day 07 Mandvi / Bhuj drive
Day 08 Bhuj
Day 09 Bhuj / Dasada(Little Rann of Kutch) drive
Day 10 Dasada / Gir National Park drive
Day 11 Gir National Park
Day 12 Gir National Park / Ahmedabad drive
Day 13 Ahmedabad
Day 14 Ahmedabad


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