Dussehra is celebrated in most parts of the country on Vijya Dashmi to commemorate the victory of Rama over demon king Ravana. The highlight of this fair is the victory of good over evil.

Kullu Dussehra is however, different in certain ways from Dussehra celebrations in the other parts of the country. It presents cultural ethos of the people and their deep rooted religious beliefs which manifest during this festival with traditional songs, dances and colourful dress. It begins on Vijya Dashmi and lasts for a week. There is an interesting story behind the beginning of Dussehra Festival. And now also, the internationally famous Dussehra of Kullu is celebrated in the same tradition.

On the first day when the Dussehra fair begins, the idol of Raghunth ji saddled in a gaily attired Rath is pulled from its fixed place in Dhalpur Maidan, to another spot across the maidan by big ropes by the local people. The village gods more than one hundred in number mounted in colourful plaquine attend this fair. There after for seven days the fair goes on. At night in Kala Kender international dance festival is held which is a stage of great cultural activities. Thousands of people witness the show in the open theatre at Dhalpur. Dussehra is a well-organised fair that provides entertainment business opportunities, fun and frolics to all.

On the 6th day, the assembly of Devtas takes place. All the village gods attending the fair with their followers and band of musicians participate in the assembly. It is an impressive and rare scene to witness. Devtas sitting together in colourful attires round the camp of Raghunathji. On the concluding day, the Rath is again pulled near to the bank of the river Beas, where a pile of thorn bushes is set on fire that symbolises the burning of Lanka. Some animals are sacrificed and Rath is brought back in a procession to its original place. Raghunathji is carried back to his temple at Sultanpur. The attending gods disperse and so the people. Kullu Dussehra is full of grandeur and festivities.

Festival Dates October



Day 01 Delhi
Day 02 Delhi / Amritsar by train
Day 03 Amritsar
Day 04 Amritsar / Dharamshala
Day 05 Dharamshala / Kullu to witness Kullu Dussehra Festival
Day 06 Kullu
Day 07 Kullu (day trip to Naggar)
Day 08 Kullu / Shimla drive
Day 09 Shimla
Day 10 Shimla / Delhi
Day 11 Departure


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